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Youngbessie Kaaskoek / Youngberry Cheesecake


250 ml youngbessies (I also used 1 cup of cooked mixed berries or raspberries)
2 groot eiers (geskei) (eggs separated)
250 ml (1 blik) kondensmelk (condensed milk)


  1. Dreineer bessies.  (Drain  berries)
  2. Meng alles. (Mix all ingredients together except egg whites)
  3. Klop eierwitte en vou in die mengsel. (Beat egg whites until stiff and fold into 2.)
  4. Giet in krummelkors (Pour into Marie Biscuit or Graham crumb crust -pre-made Graham crust in foil dish works well)
  5. Bak 20 minute teen 180° C.  (Bake for 20 minutes at 180° C.)
  6. Laat afkoel.  (Let it cool.)

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