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Judy’s Recipe for “Joan’s Eggs”

Our friend Judy Sparkes brought these quiche-like eggs to a breakfast meeting once and she kindly shared her recipe. (I would not have begged for the recipe if it was not totally delicious!) She affectionately calls these “Joan’s Eggs” as it was a recipe from Joan Myles.

The ingredients are quite versatile – similar to omelettes, just add what you have…

Ingredients and Method:

  • Using a muffin pan, spray with Pam (or other non-stick spray)
  • Add chopped ham
  • Break a whole egg into the muffin cup
  • Top with a little cheese and bread crumbs
  • Add salt and pepper if you like

Bake at 350 degrees F for no more than 20 minutes.

She says: “For the bread crumbs, I typically use a slice of bread and simply tear off little bits to pop on top.

You can use any combo of breakfast meats but the ham requires no prior cooking, unlike sausage or bacon.

I have often used peppers or chives as well as mushrooms but pending what you use, you may need to quickly sauté the veg to soften.

A friend of mine has done these with seafood too.”

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