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Cheese Cake / Kaaskoek

2 x 250g maaskaas (cream cheese – Philadelphia cream cheese also works)
125 ml room (whipping cream)
2 eiers (geskei) (eggs separated)
15 g meel (flour)
125 ml suiker  (sugar)
knippie sout (pinch of salt)
15 ml suurlemoensap (lemon juice)
5 ml vanilla
5 ml suurlemoenskil

  1. Klop room en kaas tot glad.
  2. Voeg res van betanddele by behalwe styfgeklopte eierwitte
  3. Vou eierwitte in
  4. Giet in krummelkors
  5. Bak 20 minute teen 160° C
  6. Laat staan in oond vir 1 h
  1. Blend whiiping cream and cheese until smooth.
  2. Add rest of ingredients except egg whites.
  3. Fold stiff egg whites into the mixture.
  4. Pour into a crumb crust.
  5. Bake 20 minute at 160° C
  6. Turn oven off and leave in oven for another hour.

Bolaag – Topping

125 ml vrugtesap (fruit juice)
125 ml (100g) suiker (sugar)
15 ml maizena (corn starch)
Vrugte (rangskik op kaaskoek) (fruit – arrange on top of cheese cake)


  1. Kook sap, suiker, mielieblom 4 minute op hoog
  2. Giet oor vrugte en kaaskoek
  1. Boil juice, corn starch for 4 minutes on high.  stir until thickened.
  2. Pour over fruit on cheese cake.  Let it cool down and set.
Bake apple cheese cake

Cheese Cake with Bake apple topping

I recently made this cheesecake with a Newfoundland Bakeapple (Cloudberry) topping that was thickened with gelatine (see instructions on package).  Anita took this picture of it.

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