Painter Val Green

Painter Val Green

The art used for the header of the blog is cropped from a painting by Cape Town artist Val Green that I asked her to paint for me.  After moving to Canada, there were many things about Cape Town that I missed with an ache and Val agreed to create a collage for me that included the things about home that I missed most.

Val Green Paintng

Val Green Painting

What is Cape Town without its culture, colour, cuisine and cultivars?   And where better to bring it together than the dining table? Thank you Val for your painting.

This blog is intended to be my on-the-go recipe book so that, like the art, I can always share and have with me those recipes that carry the flavour of Africa and others that I picked up along the way.

And regardless of where they travel, Gabi and Karl will be able to reach the flavours of home too.

Enjoy!  Cook!  Share! ~ Wil

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  1. Gabi

    aaawwwwwwww! more recipes…..so excited! xoxoox

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